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Toolie works with both individuals and organizations to help them identify, capture, develop, produce, and profit from their intellectual assets. All sessions are conducted over the Internet using GoToMeeting.

Content Opportunity Session - One 30-minute Online Meeting

Ready to write down plans for developing your intellectual assets? Toolie's Content Opportunity Session can help you decide if you're ready for the journey. Click here to request a consultation.

Compass Consulting for Individuals - 4 Sessions within 90 Days

  • Part 1: Inventory and Organize. Describe your intellectual assets and select outcomes. (1 sessions)
    • Goal: Inventory of existing content and selection of product and/or service outcomes.
    • Schedule: One (1) 60-minute session begins the process.
  • Part 2: Unify and Transform. Unify and transform your content, and schedule your success. (3 sessions)
    • Goal: Detailed, step-by-step action plan for developing new intellectual assets and expanding existing content.
    • Schedule: Three (3) 60-minute sessions within the next 90 days.

For best results, you need to also allocate time outside the sessions to complete the plans.

Compass Consulting for Organizations - 3 Months to 1 Year

Small Businesses, Associations, and Corporations

The same principles and programs that are available for individuals can be applied to organizations that want to add content delivery to their business model. Toolie can work with your organization to identify opportunities, and to provide guidance to the content creators and producers. As an add-on to the contract, you can have Toolie manage the implementation and provide training to your staff and/or members so that you can maintain your content delivery systems yourselves.

Contracts are individually formulated, and contract durations last from 3 months to 1 year.

Contact Toolie to arrange a free strategy session about the next steps for profiting from your intellectual assets.