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You've devoted time and energy to refining your ideas and your content so that they're distinctive. Toolie can help you "get your ideas O.U.T." and make them visible and profitable.

Organized, Unified, and Transformed (O.U.T.)sm

It's Time to Get Organized: Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

As an idea person, you've no doubt created content in a variety of formats: books, speeches, articles, and training programs, to name a few. Now that you're ready to expand your territory, do you know where the raw materials for your existing content are? If you're not the person who actually did the production of the materials, you may not know the answer to these questions. But to properly assess where you are, we need to locate, organize, and properly store these valuable assets so that we can reuse them.

Let's Unify the Message So That We're Consistent

It is comparatively easy to come up with ideas; it's more challenging to unify them into a coherent whole that your target audience can comprehend and grasp. By first identifying the unifying principles in your content, we can begin to organize them into products and services that make sense to your target market. Adding trademarks and copyrights are a natural follow-on step, and Toolie has the legal contacts who can explain what's possible and appropriate for protecting your intellectual property.

Transformation Isn't Just for Your Mind

We can transform your content too, from good to better to best. For example, are you thinking about revamping that speech? Once we have established your unified message, we can look for ways to build out the speech, freshen the perspective, add some visuals that keep your audience focused. Toolie's Map Room, available to clients of the program, has a wealth of information on over 100 content packaging and delivery options, along with the vendors who can help bring your ideas to fruition

Contact Toolie

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What Others Say

Jocelyn 'Toolie' Garner helped us clarify structure, image, and content for our new professional association website. Across more than a hundred pages and an evolving site structure, she was a consummate professional, advising us immediately of our emerging responsibilities, and managing project time and budget effectively. We believe Toolie's work has directly contributed to our increased site visibility and time visitors spend on the site. We highly recommend Toolie.

Mark Haas, Past President
Institute for Management Consultants USA (IMCUSA)


The Eastside Association of Fine Arts (EAFA) wants to applaud your work on designing, building, and implementing our website and the work that ensures the long-term viability of the system. Because of your efforts, we feel we are well positioned to receive show entries, membership information, and website information in an easily accessible database for our members and the public at large. We plan to again utilize your skills for future enhancements to the system and would strongly recommend you to anyone seeking such services.

Charlette Haugen, Past President
Eastside Association of Fine Arts