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Toolie® Garner is an author, public speaker, content strategist, and the Chief Content ExplorerSM for www.ExpandYourTerritory.com. Toolie helps speakers, authors, and consultants monetize their knowledge by showing them how to turn their ideas into profitable content.

Toolie has extensive implementation experience, as well as being an astute content strategist. She has a rare combination of skills that enable her to analyze, brainstorm, and accurately estimate what it will take to complete a project. Toolie has helped individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Disney to more effectively clarify, restructure, protect, and distribute their content. She doesn't just show you what's possible for your ideas, she can tell you exactly what it takes to get the work done.

Toolie's Compass Consulting program provides an in-depth experience for "idea people" to imagine and then create their desired outcome: influential results and a better bottom line. Contact Toolie to arrange a free Content Opportunity session about the next steps for profiting from your expertise.

Toolie® GarnerToolie® Garner

Member, National Speakers Association